Blowouts Starting at $35

Soft and Bouncy


Moderate to maximum root volume with soft curls at the ends. Looks good on all hair types.

Simply Straight


Sleek and shiny finish with no volume on the root. Ideal for unruly frizzy hair.

Rock & Roll


Making the most of your natural hair texture while creating a gorgeous silhouette with a whole lot of attitude. Works best with textured short to medium hair.

Classic Up Style


A stylish and feminine French twist neatly arranged. Ideal for medium to long hair.

Power Blow Dry


Smooth blow dry with moderate root volume defined with flick movement at the ends.
Works best on layered hair.

Curly Glam


For those big moments tight curls with maximum route volume. Ideal for long and thick hair.

Brushed Curl


Fashionista to editorial, minimum to moderate route volume with smooth large glamours curls, brushed to style. Perfect for all hair types.

Bold and Beautiful


Are classic blow dry that has minimum a root volume with a natural flick at the ends. Good for all hair types.



A lovely bun that comes in various shapes and sizes; choose from sleek or naturally messy. Perfect for all occasions and hair types.

More Blowouts

Choose the blowout that works for you!  Don’t see the perfect one?  We will work with you to create your perfect style.

What is a blowout?

A blowout is a shampoo and style. Using the highest quality products and most current styles and trends, The Hair Lounge will create a blow dry style perfectly tailored to you and your hair needs. Whether you’re headed to an event or just not in the mood to do it yourself.