Products You NEED To Stock Up This Fall

Let’s face it… the changing of seasons from fall into winter can leave hair dry, brittle, and frizzy. To the extent that most times drug-store products simply just don’t work and often make things worse. Luckily, we found a brand that tackles all these problems. UNITE Hair products are not only sulfate, parabens, and sodium chloride free, but they’re combined with coconut derived ingredients that will leave your hair healthy and happy. 

Also a bonus to this brand is that they donate to several different organizations including the Center for Children, Dogtrust, Humane Society and SPCA, so you know your purchases are helping make a difference. Adorable puppies and amazing shampoo? Count us in!

Just because it’s getting chilly, doesn’t mean you should forget to protect your hair from thermal damage! This natural product uses argan oil to hydrate the hair without all the grimy build-up. It can be used on any hair type to repair cuticles and create beautiful shine.


What’s a spa day without a hair masque? The 7SECONDS Masque deep conditions to strengthen the hair against aging. Simultaneously, it moisturizes those jaggedy split ends and repairs elasticity.

We all wish we were born with beautifully thick-as-rope hair, but genetics aren’t always on our side. Don’t fret! CREAMY Paste was designed to create that thickness you’ve always dreamed of having. The product has a flexible hold that will gain as much lift as you desire and protects your hair against heat.

Not every hairspray is created equally, and the UNITE GO365 Hairspray definitely doesn’t fall into any kind of average category. The adjustable nozzle allows you to change the level of spray depending on your desired strength. Say goodbye to crunchy, flakey curls, this hairspray has incredible versatility to keep your hair stunning all night long.

Ever want to “cheat time”? Well this futuristic hair product lets you do exactly that– it’s day 2 hair in a jar! This finishing cream creates a soft, relaxed look within seconds.  Not to mention, it has nourishing ingredients to make your hair beam with shine.

Winter frizz seems inevitable, that is, until you meet this product. The ELEVATE Mousse enhances curls to looks bouncy and frizz-free all day long. The weightless foam makes hair nice and shiny without being sticky or stiff.