• New Year, New Hair

    With 2017 coming to an end you may be feeling like you want to start off the year with a big change to your hair, but before you grab the bottle of drugstore hair dye consider these things:

    It Doesn’t Have To Be Dramatic

    Maybe you’ve spent the last hour binge watching color transformations on Instagram and you’re already trying to figure out how you’re going to explain to your hair stylist that you want to go from jet black to emerald green… We’ve all been there. Instead of scheduling an appointment right this second, take a moment to envision what kind of hair will make you feel confident going into 2018. A little change in your hairdo is a great way to start the year off feeling like a new person with all kinds of possibilities ahead.

    Healthier Hair Habits

    Add it to your new year’s resolution list. Say goodbye to sulfate filled shampoos and give your hair a little love by splurging on some lavish hair products. Revamp your hair care routine and break those old habits by switching out the old products in your bathroom medicine cabinet for more natural, wholesome choices. Take an extra step further by pampering yourself with a hair mask every once and a while to really make your hair shine into the new year.

    Leave Old Hair Trends in 2017

    From overdone ombres to glitter roots– there are some trends that shouldn’t come back. Don’t get me wrong… some styles will forever be classics, take balayages for example, but when trying out new looks make sure to avoid those past cringey mistakes. We all have that one hairstyle we try to burn all pictures of, so going into the new year think through your decision in the salon chair before another one happens. Hair is the best way to switch up your image… just try to avoid being apart of 2018’s worst hair ideas.

    Beware of Scissors

    It’s possible you’re just super eager to make a big change in your hairstyle, but take a second to contemplate if you really want to chop off 5 inches in length…Even if just cutting off your split ends, a little cut can satisfy that urge. Still dead set on getting bangs? Try out a trial run with clip-ins before you make a hair cut appointment. Sometimes a small change can be just enough.

  • {INTRODUCING Jaime} About the Stylist Q&A:


    Q: Where are you from? What made you move to Las Vegas?

    A: I was born and raised in southern California and decided to move to a new city at 19.


    Q: What brought you to The Hair Lounge?

    A: When looking for a salon to call home, the people and the environment were the most important factors to me. I wanted to find somewhere to be that I loved so much that it didn’t feel like going to work everyday.


    Q: Did you do anything before your hair styling career?

    A: I worked on the strip and was apart of the process of planning different events and weddings for 11 years.


    Q: Did you always know you wanted to pursue hairstyling? When did your passion begin?

    A: My mom was a hairdresser actually, so I think it has always in the back of my mind that I wanted to pursue if I had the opportunity.


    Q: Craziest request you’ve gotten from a client?

    A: From my daughter who wants to change her hair color monthly. That’s pretty crazy.


    Q: Biggest hair stylist pet peeve?


    A: I really try not to let little things that don’t matter bother me, but I guess you could say washing my own hair is kinda annoying now. Haha!


    Q: What hair product(s) is/are your fall obsession?


    A: The Unite U Oil is literally a lifesaver. I don’t know what I’d do without it!


    Q: What hair trend do you not want to see come back in 2018?


    A: Chunky highlights are NOT a cute look.


    Q: Where can we find you on social media? How do we book an appointment?


    A:  @hairbyjaimelee on InstaGram and just text or call (702)262-6003!


  • {INTRODUCING Najela} Stylist Q&A:

    Q: Where are you from? What made you move to Las Vegas?

    A: I lived in the Quad Cities, which is on the border of Illinois and Iowa. I moved out to Vegas because I wanted to establish a name for myself in the hair world, and where I was from you weren’t going to grow very far as a stylist.


    Q: What brought you to The Hair Lounge?

    A: I posted on Las Vegas Hair and Lisa [the owner of The Hair Lounge] reached out to me on Facebook. I fell so in love with the salon when I helped out with the photoshoot and didn’t even consider for a moment looking into any other salons.


    Q: Did you always know you wanted to pursue beauty? When did your passion for beauty begin?

    A: It’s funny– there’s actually pictures of me as a 4 year-old with those cheap, kid makeup palettes doing my friends hair makeup. At 13, my aunt gave me a clipper set and I totally jacked up my little brother’s hair, so he had to go into kindergarten with a skin fade because they couldn’t fix it.


    Q: Favorite, go-to makeup palette or product?

    A: Oh that’s so easy! The Fenty face makeup and the Jaclyn Morphe collab pallet.

    Q: Favorite makeup look you’ve done on yourself or a client?

    A: My fave is dark, dramatic makeup, especially coming from a small town I didn’t ever really get to experiment much. Everyone wanted the “virgin at her wedding” look, but me, I’m all about lots of highlight looking like glazed donut with beautiful, bold lips and eyes.


    Q: What hair product(s) is/are your fall obsession?

    A:  The UNITE U Oil mixed with the LAZER Straight Relaxing Fluid is my ultimate hair cocktail.

    Q: What beauty trend do you not want to see come back in 2018?

    A: OMG! Chunky highlights back home are such a big thing…I don’t know why…they’re just not a cute look. Oh, and hairy eyebrows, braided eyebrows, etc need to go! Just stick with filling in and defining your arch and leave your eyebrows alone.


    Q: Who’s your beauty inspiration?

    A: That’s such a hard one! Rihanna is always an icon, and she’s all for us brown ladies.


    Q: Where can we find you on social media? How do we book an appointment?

    A:  @balayage_by_najlv and you just shoot me a text to (309)798-7161!

  • Products You NEED To Stock Up This Fall

    Let’s face it… the changing of seasons from fall into winter can leave hair dry, brittle, and frizzy. To the extent that most times drug-store products simply just don’t work and often make things worse. Luckily, we found a brand that tackles all these problems. UNITE Hair products are not only sulfate, parabens, and sodium chloride free, but they’re combined with coconut derived ingredients that will leave your hair healthy and happy. 

    Also a bonus to this brand is that they donate to several different organizations including the Center for Children, Dogtrust, Humane Society and SPCA, so you know your purchases are helping make a difference. Adorable puppies and amazing shampoo? Count us in!

    Just because it’s getting chilly, doesn’t mean you should forget to protect your hair from thermal damage! This natural product uses argan oil to hydrate the hair without all the grimy build-up. It can be used on any hair type to repair cuticles and create beautiful shine.


    What’s a spa day without a hair masque? The 7SECONDS Masque deep conditions to strengthen the hair against aging. Simultaneously, it moisturizes those jaggedy split ends and repairs elasticity.

    We all wish we were born with beautifully thick-as-rope hair, but genetics aren’t always on our side. Don’t fret! CREAMY Paste was designed to create that thickness you’ve always dreamed of having. The product has a flexible hold that will gain as much lift as you desire and protects your hair against heat.

    Not every hairspray is created equally, and the UNITE GO365 Hairspray definitely doesn’t fall into any kind of average category. The adjustable nozzle allows you to change the level of spray depending on your desired strength. Say goodbye to crunchy, flakey curls, this hairspray has incredible versatility to keep your hair stunning all night long.

    Ever want to “cheat time”? Well this futuristic hair product lets you do exactly that– it’s day 2 hair in a jar! This finishing cream creates a soft, relaxed look within seconds.  Not to mention, it has nourishing ingredients to make your hair beam with shine.

    Winter frizz seems inevitable, that is, until you meet this product. The ELEVATE Mousse enhances curls to looks bouncy and frizz-free all day long. The weightless foam makes hair nice and shiny without being sticky or stiff.

  • Top 5 Fall Hair Trends of 2017

    #1 The Lob

    It’s that time of year… hair in salons are being chopped into the trendy long bob faster than the seasons are changing. If your hair has some damage from summer styling, this cut is perfect to restore healthy, thick locks. Here at The Hair Lounge, one of our stylist Dimitri Papakalos is famous for this signature haircut. To accompany the look, his clients transformations wouldn’t be complete without the Unite Texturiza Spray to add bouncy volume and texture.

    Image Source: @dimitripapakalos on Instagram

    #2 Color Melting

    The technique of color melting has been one of the hottest trends going around salons right now. It could be described as the love child between a balayage and ombre. Color melting is the blending of two or more shades through seamless gradation. Ashley Tisdale’s stylist, Chad Kenyon, describes the process, “I can simply do a color melt, which melts the root into the top part of the balayage–The deeper root also is a nice, soft, alluring look for fall-winter.” Since there are limitless color combinations that can be achieved with this method, it allows you to show-off whatever your personal style is. The style is the perfect transition into a new chic, fashionable fall style.



    Image Source: @dimitripapakolas on Instagram

    #3 Ice Blonde

    Who says you have to go dark for fall? Platinum blonde with cool blue undertones is the perfect winter look! This color has been insanely popular among celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, and Cara Delevingne, who have been sporting the ice princess style. However, you don’t have to be on the red carpet to recreate this look, channel your inner Elsa and go to your local colorist for a frosted winter hairdo.



    Image Source: @hairbylisaortiz on Instagram

    #4 Fantasy Colors

    Bored with your summer pastel hair? Add some smokey dimensions to make your color pop! Balayage isn’t just for blondes, take on a fresh modern take by transforming your rainbow hair into fall. Brands like Jocio Color Intensity have taken the mermaid hair trend to a whole new level of striking, colorful shades. Express yourself this season with some eye-catching semi-permanent hairdos! At The Hair Lounge, Heather Jean is our go-to fantasy color expert! Her bold, fairy-tale looks will 100% guarantee you with #hairgoals.

    Image Source: @beautybyheatherjean on Instagram

    #5 All Shades RED

    From rust to ruby– fall is the perfect time to go red. Celebrity stylist, Guy Tang, has had the color flooded all over his Instagram page from fiery, vibrant rose to warm, copper red and we are totally obsessed! Local Vegas hairstylist, Stacey Clouse, is just as in love with the color and posted a pic of one of her beautiful redhead clients with the caption, “when you give your clients the hair they should have been born with…”